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Portable Jump Box 12 Volt Jump Start Free Air Compressor Portable Jump Box 12 Volt Jump Start Free Air Compressor
This new Jump Box is like no other. It packs 300 cold cranking amps so you can use it to jump start any vehicle with a dead battery. The secret? It has a sealed rechargeable battery inside. And its portable too. You simply charge the battery and you can take the Jump Box with you.

Portable Jump Box 12 Volts DC Portable, Rechargeable 300 Cold Cranking Amps, 700 Amps Peak Power Includes Booster Cables with Copper Clamps Includes Volt an... $59.00
Automatic Battery Float Charger Automatic Battery Float Charger
Auto battery float charger. Keep your vehicle's battery fully charged. Run 12 volts DC batteries while in storage or during cold weather. The floating circuit maintains a full charge without overcharging. Leads: 10 ft. overall length.

SKU: 9176D $19.95
12 Volt Mini Air Compressor 250 PSI ProForge 12 Volt Mini Air Compressor 250 PSI ProForge
12 volt mini air compressor. Features: 12 volt, 250 PSI, built in pressure gauge, 22" nylon air hose with quick release chuck. Includes: 10ft cord 12 volt cigarette lighter plug, and 3 nozzle adapters. Perfect for filling up car tires, bike tires, motorcycle or ATV tires, balls, or filling up inflatable toys.

SKU: 1307F $12.99
2000 LB Auto Winch 12 Volt 2000 LB Auto Winch 12 Volt
12 Volt Auto Winch. This is a great for pulling boats, stuck vehicles, and other heavy items. 2000 LB pulling capacity, 6000 LB Rolling capacity, 5000 LB marine capacity. Maximum boat size is 18 feet. Includes 30' of aircraft cable with a heavy duty hook. Operates on 12 volts. Can be mounted to any surface. Overall dimensions are: 9.5" x 7.5"x10". Includes battery clamps, and a remote switch. Emergency crank handle, carrying handle, and an adjustable clutch.

SKU: 2975R $79.99
6 12 Volt Circuit Tester 6/12 Volt Circuit Tester
Extra long lead makes it easy to test circuits between the front and rear of vehicles. Convenient screwdriver-type handle. Check electrical circuits and accessories on 6V and 12V systems. For use on cars, trucks, boats, trailers, motorcycles and more.
- Cord length, extended: 12 ft.
- Wire size: 20 gauge
- Replaceable bulb

SKU: 7288A $2.95
12 Volt Socket Extension 12 Volt Socket Extension
Features cigarette lighter plug. Coiled cord extends up to 10ft.

SKU: 8786B $9.95
12 Volt Socket Adapter w 3 Battery Clamps 12 Volt Socket Adapter w/3 Battery Clamps
Features 3" battery clamps. Coiled cord extends up to 10ft.

SKU: 8790B $9.95
Receptacle Tester Receptacle Tester
Detects common wiring problems in standard and (GFCI) ground fault circuit interrupter outlets To test, simply plug into receptacle, push the TEST button and observe the light pattern. Warns against faulty wiring in 3-wire receptacles. For use on 125V AC circuits.

SKU: 7290A $4.95
In Line Spark Plug Tester In Line Spark Plug Tester
Check the condition of the ignition system at each cylinder as quick and easy with this in-line spark plug tester. It's essential for trouble shooting all internal. Tests for no spark condition. This unit will help you indicates most ignition or fuel delivery problem by connecting between spark plug and spark plug wire. Bulb will flash when ignition circuit is complete. Overall measurement is 11" in length.

SKU: 8312B $9.95
Cordless Circuit Tester Cordless Circuit Tester
Cordless circuit tester made of rugged chrome metal. This unit design to be used on DC powered circuits with voltages between 3 and 28 volts. With special designed V tip needle allows safe piercing and prevents side slipping when piercing wire's insulation. V-Tip can be removed to test hard to reach area. This unit does not require ground wire or clip and is safe with ECMs, Sensors, Transducers, Airbags, etc. Also works with replaceable long life alkanline batteries. Circuit tester measuremen... $9.99
Neiko Circuit Tester Neiko Circuit Tester
Easily checks 3 to 15 volt system. Handle lights up if circuit is good. LED polarity indicator. Insulated alligator clip. Includes probe adapter for testing female connectors. Safely tests standard primary auto motive circuits and on board computer controlled electrical systems without damaging the microprocessor.

SKU: 8928A $7.95
4 Way Electrical Circuit Tester 4 Way Electrical Circuit Tester
Multipurpose unit tests switches, outlets, fuses, spark plugs, condensers, and even polyphase line. Easily check current, DC polarity, and frequency in seconds. AC-DC:110V to 460V.

SKU: 7218A $2.95
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