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4 Pc Mechanic Pry Bar Set ProForge 4 Pc Mechanic Pry Bar Set ProForge
4 piece heavy duty mechanics pry bar set. This set includes the 6", 9", 14" and 18". All prybars feature the square shanks that are made from black boron steel that has been heat treated and tempered. The tips are angled at 25 degrees. Each tip has the pry end that looks like a large flat tipped screwdriver. The tips graduate in size from 1/2" to 1". These are an all around great prybar! Great for mechanic work, or other projects.

SKU: 2178F $19.99
4 Pc Aligning Heel Pry Bar Set ProForge 4 Pc Aligning Heel Pry Bar Set ProForge
4 Pc Aligning Prybar sets. These prybars feature the "hook" on one side, and the tapered dull point on the other side. This set includes four sizes. You get the 6", 12", 16" and 20". Each piece is drop forged alloy steel that has been hardened and tempered. These are great for aligning holes or for just prying!

SKU: 2180F $19.99
14 Wonder Pry Bar 14" Wonder Pry Bar
14" wonder pry bar handy tool to have around. Reaches into areas where a hammer claw can't. Great for demolition work. Made of super strong tempered steel with nickel plated finish. 1 3/8" wide. It has nail slots at both ends. Perfect for prying, aligning, nail pulling, etc.

SKU: 6958D $7.95
28 Jumbo Screwdriver Go Through Style Shank 28" Jumbo Screwdriver Go Through Style Shank
This is professional 1/2" x 28" jumbo screwdriver made by NEIKO TOOLS USA. Heat treated steel for strength and high performance. 1/2" hardened high carbon steel shaftIt can be used as a prybar. Every shop needs one. Monster double hand grip. Solid steel hex shank.

SKU: 6818F $19.99
20 Adjustable Pry Bar 20" Adjustable Pry Bar
Heavy duty adjustable pry bar. Rotating head adjusts to five different angles for work in tight quarters, letting you access areas standard pry bars can't reach. This unit features thumb lever to locks the head securely in place at five positions-straight, 155°, 130°, 105°, 80°. Also allows you to change angle with one hand operation. Body constructed of high quality carbon steel and rated at 300lbs of torque.

SKU: 9064G $24.95
17 LB Post Hole Jumbo Digger Bar 17 LB Post Hole Jumbo Digger Bar
Made by Neiko Tools 69"x1" Powder Coated Forged, Heat Treated High-Carbon Steel

SKU: 9476T $29.97
Sliding Hammer Power Bar Sliding Hammer Power Bar
Sliding hammer power bar. All-purpose pinch bar for demolishing, prying, or "jimmying" heavy machinery into place. Heat treated ends to resist bending and breaking. Heavy duty forged steel construction. Rust proof powder coat finish. 16mm hex shank. Overall length is 27".

SKU: 8804H $29.95
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